Dedicated Development Team

Why Us

Skills and Expertise

We are a team with a great combination of soft and hard skills together with different domain proficiency. Technology moves the world forward and we keep up a high pace of self-improvement. We focus on education and non-stop practice for building reliable, robust and scalable software solutions. We’re good at healthcare, insurance, fintech, etc.

Flexible Team Size

Flexibility matters. You may require five people to be involved in a new product now and you may need to have five more people in two months. No delays and no budget blowups from our side. We make great combinations of your expectations and what you get from Opora Solutions. We’re responsible for stack alignment and setting up effective communication.

Technology and Domain Expertise

Opora Solutions team has gained expertise and experience in building complex web products, fintech products, business intelligence projects, e-commerce platforms and so on. We have gained a positive reputation among local companies in Ukraine and we’re here to upscale your in-house development or give you access to technology and domain experts.

On-time Delivery

Good project management skills and result-oriented approach lets us deliver the projects on time. You save your time thanks to a fast start of cooperation and fixed milestones or deadlines for each task. You have access to the backlog and you can track the progress of work at any stage of development and this will make you sure in the on-time delivery option.

Cost Efficiency

Hiring a dedicated team is more cost efficient than having an in-house team. You pay only for the work and results that you get. We charge affordable rates for the work of each team player. You can have a fixed price or time&material pricing variant. Both focus on high productivity and tight collaboration.

When do you need a dedicated team?

When you lack tech talents in your location

When you need to back up your current team

When you need to get a lower project estimate

When you need to start or scale right away

When you need expertise in a specific domain or technology