Why Us

Scalable team

You can have one QA engineer at the beginning of the development and require to have four or six somewhere in the middle of it. We have QAs that can jump into the project at different stages and run tests, checkups and another routine to keep the process going. You can scale the testing capacity with almost no effort from your side – we do all the job to eliminate any risk of downtimes in the future.

Fast delivery

A dedicated QA team can assist your developers or our teams to ensure a successful deployment of each module or software component. We provide you with best-test-driven development practices and QA services. We manage the whole process from crafting documentation to the deployment and processes execution – you get the ready-to-use final version on time.

Full control over the quality

You know each person in the QA team and you can see how they work. Good productivity, a desire to detect can eliminate any drawbacks of a new project. You can have an interview with every team player to make sure they are good at quality assurance services and interact with them to keep abreast of their activities.

No bugs and vulnerabilities

Security or quality bugs, a code smell – they all have a different value but they all lead to problems. QA engineers define the app testing strategy, ensure successful project release and make sure that each feature works the right way and people get positive experience while using the software. 

When do you need quality assurance?

When you want to avoid product launch failure

When you need to improve the development workflow and productivity

When you need good project management with predictable results

When you want to prevent bugs rather than fix them afterward

When you want your product to meet all global quality standards