Typical mistakes when creating a free product

Not so long ago, the majority of infobusinessmen immediately offered a potential customer to buy without giving anything to test. In recent years, the situation has changed, and almost everyone has heard about the need for a free product.

Why do we spend our strength and time on what we do not get money for? It is important to understand that a free infoproject is a long-term investment whose purpose:

  • Raise customer loyalty – when a person gets something valuable for free, it gets bored and leaves a feeling that he should. This sensation remains unconscious until it can pay back the same. As they say, nothing is given for nothing. You do not have to pay for anything. In the context of infobusiness – it’s money for a paid product. Everything is as simple and logical as possible.
  • Collect subscription base – if you simply invite “to subscribe to the newsletter with interesting and important information”, then there are hardly any willing ones. And a completely different situation awaits you if you offer to exchange e-mail to a specific and necessary product to the potential customer.
  • On focus – a free product should focus on the customer in the desired area. He must mirror the client’s problem and outline his options for her solution, show the path and charge energy to overcome it. You do not need to impose problems on the client – it is important to show the pain that is already deeply in place, and to induce action.
  • Spread the name – a free product can be placed on various resources, and thus, make its name recognizable in a certain environment.

Before you begin to create your free product, try to start from the end and consider the typical mistakes associated with the offer of free products:

  • Irregular work with the base – a system of regular communication with clients must be built up. At least once a week they must “meet” you, otherwise all your other actions are completely useless. Many infobusinessmen write letters irregularly, in vain. As a result, potential customers quickly lose interest and simply forget about the author.
  • Full comprehensive information in a free product – this is, as you see, the other extreme. And this was precisely my problem: I plowed, had a large base of active clients, but did not get a financial result until I realized that my free webinars are quite enough to solve the tasks that are facing the target audience. They do not need anything else – everything, Gestalt is closed.
  • Offer a low quality free product – absolutely normal, that all the most valuable to give away at all at all it would not be desirable. But will it encourage a free product to buy, if it is a compilation of other people’s texts, a collection of trivialities and evidence?

You see how important it is to catch this line, this balance between “give value”, but “do not overdo it.” Creating a free product that will work for you, and not just attract freebies – this is a delicate work. And let it be “free” at the initial stage, but it is the basis without which it is simply not possible to build a successful business in our time. The offer to give up money always causes unconscious resistance. This is a barrier that can and must be overcome with a free product.

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